Asset integrity Management

Main objective of AIM is controlling of risk-level in order to increase the technical availability of production system, as permitted by government.

The first step of AIM is defining the condition of equipment through the Inspection (e.g. Risk Based Inspection as per API-580 and 581).  If any deviation is considered then the status of risk should be evaluated.

An Fitness for Service assessment (according to API-579/ASME-FFS1) shall reveal either deviation is a defect or not. The assessment of failure mode(s) specifies the suitable remediation for problem (so-called 4R): Run, Repair, Regrade and Replace. If is required and is possible the monitoring and frequency of next Inspection for remaining life time of equipment will be settled.

Maintenance and Reliability is another step of AIM. Analyses of shut-down and study of behavior of plant, decrease the cost and improve the technical availability and repeatability of production system.

In addition to above mentioned expertise the Expansion of life-time cycles and optimization of process are our job.