Development of Technical Software:

Big software developers are not interested in applications which are related to small group of users. Rectangular vessels as per Appendix 13 of ASME VIII div1 is a good example. IC&C put his endeavour in development of such programs and tailored software.

Besides code’s calculation software, we develop the industrial software up to request of clients. These programs are highly tailored for specific purpose. A friendly user-interface and an elaborated user-manual help our user to become more and more aware on technical backgrounds.

Our programs are built by Visual Basic which offers the next advantages:

  • I – VB is a Microsoft product thus is adapted simply in Windows platform.
  • II- VB works smoothly with Microsoft Office, which are available everywhere. We employed Access for managing of database and Word for reporting files.

For a list of our software, demos and user tutorials, price or terms and conditions please send us an E-mail.